Living in tiny spaces makes it all the more important for finishing materials to be healthy, durable, and multi-purpose. The Healthy Home specializes in products that are made from low-VOC, natural ingredients, and products that are light-weight and low-profile for integrating into small and mobile spaces. The following product lines are particularly suitable for tiny homes and campers. For more information about each product, visit the links, and please contact us. We love thinking of creative ways to make tiny spaces unique!

Bamboo plywood and panels come in thicknesses ranging from ¾” that can be used alone for cabinetry, countertops, or furniture, to very thin laminates that can be applied to wood or wood alternatives.



Cork underlayment is flexible and versatile, and in addition to making your floor more comfortable, it can be used as a fun and sound-reducing wall treatment!



Slabs of cork are light-weight and can be used in a variety of ways – desktops, laundry areas, and kitchen countertops. The most popular panels are 1 ¼” thick, and can be routed for a decorative edge or bordered with another material.



Marmoleum is a colorful and affordable option for flooring, countertops, and furniture. It comes in sheets, glue-down tiles, or click-lock tiles or click-lock panels that have a cork base.



CoreTec is the newest generation of vinyl flooring, made sustainably from low-VOC materials such as wood flour, bamboo, and virgin polymers – with a built-in cork backing. It’s available in lots of looks, and is perfect for small spaces because of its durability – and it’s 100% waterproof! It is fabulously easy to maintain: just damp mop and go. It is a click-lock floating floor (no nails or glue needed!), making it an easy do-it-yourself option.

US Floors


Deco-Poz is a concrete micro-topping that can be applied to another surface (such as plywood) for a stylish and extremely tough floor, countertop, or work surface. It can be stained a number of bright or neutral colors, then sealed for indoor or outdoor use.



Colorhouse Paint is a low-odor, zero-VOC paint that comes in gorgeous colors – in flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss sheens – perfect for your tiny, healthy space!



100% wool carpeting is the answer for small bedrooms and loft areas, helping to lessen noise levels and provide soft, comfortable floor surfaces – especially welcome where limited head room means staying down low! It’s naturally stain-resistant, resists odors, and is much more durable than its synthetic counterparts.

Godfrey Hirst


Traditional wood finishes in tiny spaces can be unhealthy and toxic. Check out our selection of healthy alternatives for staining and sealing, by Vermont Natural Coatings, Osmo, and more!

Vermont Natural Coating
Ready Seal
Pioneer Wood


ZomeTek decking is available in both decking planks and snap-together decking tiles – the ideal surface for rooftop patios, porches, and outdoor showers!