Bamboo is actually a grass, and therefore grows very quickly, but is as hard or harder than maple. This rapidly-renewable natural resource has thus been used in many of the same applications as wood: flooring, plywood, cutting boards, to name a few.

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Cork flooring is the best of many worlds. Cork is the harvested bark of a Mediterranean species of oak. This bark can be harvested in cycles, every 7-10 years, without damaging the tree, making it a rapidly renewable natural material. Cork produces a very comfortable surface, great for living spaces where a soft-under-foot floor is desired. And finally, cork flooring is available in dozens of patterns, well beyond what a traditional cork board represents.

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Marmoleum is a colorful and affordable option for flooring, countertops, and furniture. It comes in sheets, glue-down tiles, or click-lock tiles or click-lock panels that have a cork base.


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Wood: FSC Certified Engineered

These wood floors have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, meaning that the forestry practices used to produce them has been evaluated and considered to be environmentally sound.

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Wood: Northwest Native Species

Choosing wood species native to your region often means that your flooring materials carry a relatively low carbon load, and furthermore help to ensure a sound ecosystem for native species. Choosing these wood species, harvested from responsible forestry projects (such as the companies we represent), also helps to ensure biodiversity in our area rather than the mono-crop method preferred by other companies.

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CoreTec is the newest generation of vinyl flooring, made sustainably from low-VOC materials such as wood flour, bamboo, and virgin polymers – with a built-in cork backing. It’s available in lots of looks, and is perfect for small spaces because of its durability – and it’s 100% waterproof! It is fabulously easy to maintain: just damp mop and go. It is a click-lock floating floor (no nails or glue needed!), making it an easy do-it-yourself option.